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Cote di Franze Winery consists of 9 hectares of vineyards divided into several plots of vineyards at different altitudes, the business center is located 100 meters above sea level, where lies our winery, on a plateau called “Piana of Franze,” one amazing and pristine landscape, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where the gaze is lost for miles in the vineyards and beautiful Ionian Sea is the setting for an enchanting landscape. The cellar of Cote di Franze is headquartered in Cirò, a place where the wine is the product of centuries of excellence and it’s the passion and commitment of Francesco and Vincenzo Scilanga, that since childhood they began to learn in the family farm all the production techniques. In this winery growing and love for the vineyards is an ancient tradition that has been handed down for centuries from father to son. Actulay was cultivated 9 ha vineyard of native varieties Gaglioppo and Greek White, 2 sapling old 9000 plants per hectare, the cultivation method is biological. “Cote di Franze” is named after the town where it is located our winery, a charming area characterized by a particular soil, consisting primarily of clay that gives our wines a unique texture and aroma.

Cote di Franze Winery

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