Carlo Deperu, Sardinian, graduated from the University of Agriculture in Milan with a degree in Viticulture and Enology, decided to come back home and start new business with Tatiana Holler . The noblest gestures of mankind is to cultivate the land with respect: to work together with nature and let her gently pay us back. Help the soil and the plants to do its best without impairing their ecosystem. The wind blows constantly in Sardinia and is abundant in vineyard it brings dry weather and help us to limit any treatments. All wines is mainly made in the vinyeard but when the grapes come into the cellar, fantasy and experience start to figure out what is going to happen while watching the colours, tasting the sweetness and inebriating yourself with the scent of the fermenting must. The result is achieved by the nature itself and the man monitoring this magic transformation, trying to interfere as little as possible in the natural walk of the grapes turning into wine. Winery are located in North Sardinia, between Gallura and Anglona historical zones, near the towns of Bortigiadas and Perfugas. The vineyards, settled on limestone land, are located in “Lu Scupaggiu”, a unique area characterized by a mild climate due its proximity to both the sea and the Lake Coghinas. In this place the mountains of Gallura lose altitude and give space to the hills of Anglona. All these details are very important, they give character and uniqueness to our vineyards and wines. The wind from the sea, just 15 km away, passes through the mountains and creates a unique climate for grape growing. The wine produced translates the love, dedication and respect for the grapes, plants, land and life. With every sip you take we will be blessed by the Mistral, enjoying the lake and the breeze of the sea .

Deperu Holler Winery
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