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Company history began in 1880 with the great-grandfather Ciro Peppe, having strong passion for grape growing and a great spirit of sacrifice, with simple farm, worked the land and transporting the crop with horses and donkeys. Peppe, born in 1931, already 9 years alongside his grandfather in the cultivation of the vineyard, inherited from him experience and technique of the winemaker, and soon became grafter and farmer screws (are hundreds of hectares of vines grafted to him with success during his youth) and trained winemaker Genuine Red, made from its grapes "gaglioppo" typical of the area. He opened his own winery in 1973, continuing the production and sale of wine in bulk, thus satisfying the demands of customers more and more demanding. Since 2009, after the modernization of the cellar father, Sergio, and Francis, assisted by dad, we started bottling our wine. We produce so far a Ciro Rosso Classico Superiore "Aris" and a rosy "The Marinetto", they are born from vineyards exclusively organic, two hectares planted with tree with low yield, 60 / 70ql per hectare (a hectare planted in 1945, the ' another in 1980), however about two hectares were planted in 2005 spurred cordon.

Sergio Arcuri Winery

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