Following the experience of his grand-father Peppino, spending his life as a farmer and winmaker, Giuseppe Vulcano is committed and devoted, day by day in this never ending family tradition, combining it with research and application of new innovative vinification systems. The intense bond with his roots, the love for his origins and wine traditions, the interest and excitement towards the innovation, new vineyards experimentations and the production of first quality wines are the motivations that inspired Giuseppe to continue this experience, making it stronger and creating a deeper connection with the traditions, deciding to get involved in what he calls :"a fascinating journey in the world of the production of first quality"Vino Calabrese and Cirò". Discover their roots again, upgrade the wines from our territory, Cirò wine and all the wines from Calabria which are world wide famous wines aged in steel tanks and wood barrels under temperature-controlled conditions ; everything made through a costant research of the best quality and detailed attention to the protection of the environment.

Vulcano Winery
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