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Welcome to our website ( “”). Access to and use of activities are governed by these Terms of Use. Access to and use of this Web site as well as purchases of products presume the reading, understanding and acceptance of these Terms of Use. This website is operated and maintained by Vini Sud Shop ( “Manager”). Vini Sud Shop is registered with the Companies’ Register No. 0000000000 Reggio Calabria, VAT activity code 000000000. The main office of Vini Sud Shop is in Italy,  Annunziata street, 15 – 89040 Pazzano (Reggio Calabria).

For any legal information, please read our Terms of Sale, Return Policy and Privacy Policy on Changes and updates in these pages will apply as they will appear on the Homepage and here. We invite you to read this section anytime you use our online shop, to see changes in our Terms of use. If you will not agree with some of all our Terms of Use, we invite you not to use our online shop.
Access to and use of, including the display of web pages, communicating with the Vini Sud Shop, the ability to download products, information and purchase on the website, are activities undertaken by our users exclusively for personal use unrelated to any trade, business and professional. Remember that you are the one and only responsible for the use of and its contents. The Vini Sud Shop can not be responsible for use that is non-compliant with the applicable regulations of the website and the content for each of their users, unless Vini Sud Shop fault or misrepresentation. In particular, only you will be responsible for the provision of information and provision of inaccurate information, false or relating to third parties without those have given their consent, as well as pointing to an incorrect use of the same.
Finally, as each material, downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service of your choice and risk, is a customer’s responsibility, any liability for any damage to computer systems or data loss resulting from downloading, cannot be ascribed to The Vini Sud Shop The Vini Sud Shop declines all liabilities for any damage resulting in inaccessibility to services on site or damage caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions of content, problems related to network providers or telephone and / or telematics, for unauthorized access, alterations to the data, the lack of or defective functioning of electronic equipment user.
The user is responsible for the safe and proper use of personal information, including credentials allowing access to restricted services, and any harmful consequence or harm that would result against The Vini Sud Shop or a third party as a result of incorrect use, loss, theft of such information.

Privacy Policy

Please read carefully our Privacy Policy, applied even when customers visi tour website without purchasing. Our Privacy Policy will show you how collects and stores your data and why it may use them.

Intellectual property Right

Contents as works, images, photos, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, including drawings, logos and any other material that may be published on our website, like menus, pages graphic contents, colours, schemes, tools, fonts, and website design; diagrams, layouts,, processes, methods, functions and software are protected by copyright and any intellectual property it may be applied by law from Vini Sud Shop and other rights’ owners.
Any copy of parts or entire material, in any form without a written permission from Vini Sud Shop. Our Group (Vini Sud Shop) has the sole right to allow or forbid any direct or undirect copy, temporary or permanent in any form of our website content.
You can visit and watch our website and use our content only without economic revenue and considered transitory or temporary, necessary to the use of the website’s visualization made respecting the legitimate use of our website. You cannot partislly or totally copy our contents on any support. Any copy should be authorized every time by the authors of our contents or the Vini Sud Shop. Each copy will be respecting copyrights and legal uses.
Our authors can anytime claim the copyrights of materials published on our website and prevent any misrepresentation, distortion, damage deriving from changes and considered detrimental to their honor and reputation. You formally commit to respect our artists’ copyright, who collaborate with our website and published their works through Vini Sud Shop, who collaborate to create works and expressions that have been published not only on our website but are an important part of.
You are not authorized to use our contents, or any single work protected by copyrights or any other intellectual property. You cannot use our contents without our consent or authors’ consent.

Logos and domain names

All distinctive signs marking products sold on and presented on our website are registered by Vini Sud Shop owners in order to describe, marl and promote our products sold on Vini Sud Shop and all other owners of labels and signs can have an exclusive use of signs and labels they own. Any improper or unauthorized use of these labels and signs is forbidden and will be persecuted.
It is forbidden the use of signs and labels from our site to gain profit from their reputation and distinction or any misrepresentation and change detrimental to the owners’ reputation.

Link to other websites shows link sto other websites in any way partnered to Vini Sud Shop doesn’t control or monitor these links and their terms of use and privacy policy and use of personal data when you visit them. We invite you to pay attention to their policies when you visit them and read carefully their policies. Remember that our policies and terms of use do not apply to our links. We provide links only to ease our customers’ search and their surfing on the web. Links on our website are not in any way suggested or supported by Vini Sud Shop on their contents or quality

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If you are interested in activating a link on our website please contact Vini Sud Shop via email at [email protected] in order to activate the link to Activation to a link is given by Vini Sud Shop freely and not exclusevely. Links may be not allowed if the applicant has a history of unethical business towards Vini Sud Shop or our group may suspect such a behaviour, or the applicant may be at risk to harm Vini Sud Shop reputation. It is also forbidden links to deep frames or or deep links or use of metatags without our consent.

Contents warnings

Vini Sud Shop took any action to avoid the publication of contents representing violent scenes, physixall or psychological or that can be considered detrimental to any creed, human rights or dignity by our customers. Vini Sud Shop is reliable for Italian laws on proper use of images and not for local and National regulations on proper use of contents. In case in your country the law considers our contents offensive or illicit, please do not use our website. In case you will decide to use our website anyway, you will be the only person reliable. Vini Sud Shop took all actions to assure our customers that our contents do not contain false news or not updated news. Vini Sud Shop cannot assure our website works without interruction due to maintenance or server’s problems. If you have any technical issues, please contact us [email protected], where a personal assistant will guide you to solve your problem, if possible. We invite you to contact your server and your internet device to check if the problem is due to your connection.
Vini Sud Shop makes all efforts to assure a perfect functioning of our website, though the web, maintenance and technical problems that may occur can interfere with the perfect functioning.
Vini Sud Shop adopted all technical measures and management to safely protect services, data and integrity on traffic data and electronic communications, to avoid misuse of these data and spreading of private data and all data concerning our customers, from illegal access and misuse of our contents.

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