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Twenty-two hectares of completely flat land just 10 km from the sea: Podere29 is basically this, and potentially much, much more. The love story between this land and the family that runs it, began in the summer of 2003, the hottest summer of the last two decades. The hot climate, the difficulty of the negotiations, the substantial economic investment, and the prospect of a journey all uphill for many years to come, does not prevent these people to carry out a project, to realize a dream. Puglia, a region full of sun, salt, bitter and generous, welcoming and hard at the same time, a region from which escape from youth and to which to return after experiencing that there is nothing in the world with the same flavor; the father, the grandfather, the roots, the imprinting, a childhood spent in the fields, hours under the sun to water, days watching the plants grow, and the satisfaction of a fruit picked and eaten directly from 'tree; the desire to make a mark, an imprint, more, a road that future generations can go and continue to build remembering.

Podere 29 Winery

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