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Cautiero Winery born in 2002, when the wish to rediscover the countryside reappeared for Fulvio and Imma. Both, the love and passion passed on by their grandparents, and the remembrance of the old harvests together with their family, led this young couple to Frasso Telesino, the right place to produce excellent grapes, it means, the starting point to have high quality wines. So a hard and long work starts, a work that finally permits the renaissance of the brown fields and the realization of their big dream... In this way and with great enthusiasm, Fulvio and Imma have originated a small winery headed by themselves, and created for themselves , this because they really want to work on it personally, working just with their own hands, from the vineyard to the wine cellar, always seeking quality and detail for their wines. With the advice of the winemaker Alberto Cecere, the winery started to take shape integrating perfectly with its surrounding environment . The wine cellar is a new building excavated into the rocks and then recovered with tufo stones, it is located very next to the vineyard. After the hand harvest, the grapes arrive in to the cellar, transported in typical harvest boxes, and only here they are ready for the wine making process, that takes place through small but technologically advanced machines. Steel fermentation tanks, under certain controlled temperatures are used for the white wines, while for the red ones the process takes place in wood barriques located in a special and reserved place in the cellar ,which was created for this purpose. Here the wines refine to express themselves, always carefully monitored by Fulvio and Imma. Not far from the cellar there is a nice tasting area and the sales point.

Cautiero Winery

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