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The word “Pantun” comes from the local dialect and means quagmire. This was a quag area, there was also a small river in the past so our soil is very fertile. The 8 ha of vineyards are located among the hills of Mottola, a small country near Taranto, are on the both sides of a 360 metres high valley facing the Ionian sea on the south and the Murgia Barese plateau on the north. This is a suggestive area of rocky churches and ancient village built in the rocks. Jutta and Mimmo started their work as farmers in 2000, when they gave birth to their first son Giuseppe and decided to start living on what the ground offers them and their beloved friends. Today the winery have 8 hectars including vineyards, olive groves, a small wood, a garden and a small arable land. Main grape is Primitivo, and only a small vineyard of Greco Bianco, a local grape in the way of extinction.

Pantun Winery

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