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Garagiste is a French term for producers of vin de garage, or wines produced in a garage. Words, as in the most beautiful of common uses, evoke a context, in this case two: the artisanal authenticity (the garagiste is a humble worker) and the small size of the winery and production (the first image that comes to mind when we think of a garage is a small room). In France, where our cousins ​​are often ahead of us in the fields of wine and gastronomy, the meaning suggests fine wines of the Bordeaux area. In Guardia Sanframondi, in the heart of the Telesina Valley, one of the densely planted wine areas of Italy, there are large wine cooperatives, important producers, a still-emerging wine identity and small quality producers. Giovanni Iannucci makes wine in what was once a garage from his two hectares of vineyards, also falling within the territory of Castelvenere. We are pleased to be assisting him from the outset with improvements fixed on a very clear idea of ​​viticulture and enology pervaded by a profound idea of ​​naturalness.

Giovanni Iannucci Winery

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