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Natalino del Prete is an anomoly in Puglia, a region know for producing loads of good 'value' wines. Unfortunately, to remain cheap most of the regions wines are mechanically harvested, chemically farmed and produced en mass in massive tank farm wineries. In contrast Natalino has not only remained small (10ha of which 3 are olives), farmed without the use of mechanization or chemicals (certified organic) but his prices are less than some of his conglomerate wine neighbours (marketing departments are expensive). For three generations Natalino del Prete has been sustainably and now organically farming 7 hectares of old vine (up to 80 years old) primitivo, negromaro and malvasia nera in Puglia. They sell out every vintage but haven't raised their prices for years. Operations have been kept within the family (they work for less) and there are no expansion plans. We have a restricted allocation.

Natalino del Prete Winery

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